Whether you are a photo artist or a casual photographer, you must have heard about the Bokeh effect. It lets you blur the background to produce appealing, professional-looking images and videos. The best part – you don’t have to be an artist or professional to achieve this true-to-life editing effect.

Wondering how to incorporate this editing feature into your images and videos? Ahead, we have listed the best video bokeh applications that are hard to miss. These apps are packed with numerous editing options to give your photos and videos a whole new look. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

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The 10 Best Video Bokeh Apps for iOS

The bokeh effect is often appreciated by photographers, as it produces visually pleasing images and videos, turning them into a masterpiece. You can create such an otherworldly effect by using the right lens, appropriate camera settings, and the best applications that support the Bokeh effect on iOS.

These apps are an inexpensive way to create compelling videos without requiring a pricey setup or equipment. Below we have listed the best video bokeh apps for iOS to try out in 2023. Some are free, while others may include in-app purchases. Scroll them and pick the best option that suits your preference and needs.

1.      iMovie

Before we slide into the third-party apps, let’s begin the list with an option included in Apple’s suite for products – iMovie. It is a great video editor app that packs a punch of photo and video editing features. With iMovie, you can create professional-looking videos without being a professional or having an editing degree.

Besides the Bokeh effect, this app lets you add photos and videos to the project, trim clips, add seamless styles, and recompose music to the length of your project.

Moreover, iMovie comes with various video templates, and you can select the one that fits your project well. Save your storyboard video to your Photos library and share it on social media and with your friends.

Key features

  • Easy to use
  • Cinematic mode
  • Supports 4K videos

2.      Final Cut Pro

The second best video bokeh app is the Final Cut Pro. It combines revolutionary video editing with powerful media organization to create compelling videos in little or no time. The app edits multicamera projects with automatic syncing and support for up to 64 camera angles.

It can import and edit 360-degree equirectangular video in a wide range of formats and frame sizes. The app’s Bokeh effect lets you blur videos at a speed of thought. It has a powerful drag-and-drop object tracker that automatically matches titles and effects to the movement of faces or objects.

Key features

  • It can organize the work within libraries.
  • Locate duplicate media in the timeline
  • Create, edit, and deliver closed captions
  • Change focus points or depth effects

3.      Wondershare FilmoraGo

The next best video bokeh app for iOS is Wondershare FilmoraGo. It effortlessly edits your videos on your iPhone and adds a professional touch to them within the blink of an eye. Besides, the app provides more than 800 songs, making your videos lively and vibrant.

You can easily search for the bokeh effect in the search window of the tool and apply it to videos within a few clicks. With Filmora’s built-in editing features, you can enjoy the powerful features with a free download. The app is highly recognized for its classic interface, razor tool, and Auto Ducking.

Key features

  • AI Smart Cutout
  • AI audio stretch
  • Audio denoise
  • Auto Frame

4.      Kinemaster

With KineMaster, you can split, trim, crop, rotate, and flip videos in a matter of seconds. This app is compatible with multiple devices and platforms and lets you transform your video into a piece of art with a modern and simple UI.

It supports 50+ video formats and can edit your videos with a simple drag-and-drop approach. KineMaster offers the best mobile video editing experience that makes your videos incredible with AI super-resolution and transparent video backgrounds.

Regarding the Bokeh effect, KineMaster lets you blur your entire video or a few parts based on your preference. The best thing – it includes no steep learning curve, and anyone can use it without having a second thought.

Key features

  • Transparent video backgrounds
  • Precise volume control
  • Edit previews

5.      LumaFusion

Another best video bokeh app is LumaFusion. It is largely used by professionals and is packed with innumerable features and tools to master the art of video editing. One of the most striking feature of Lumafusion is the Keyframe.

It is the first professional multitrack video editing and effects app for iOS that lets you use intuitive storytelling tools right at your fingertips. Speaking of the bokeh effect, you can easily add amazing motion blur masking in a few simple taps. It also provides endless exporting and sharing options, so you can share your work with others without the hassle of downloading the videos separately.

Key features

  • Fully-featured audio
  • Overwrite capability
  • Lossless export
  • Color-correction

6.      Movavi Clips

Still looking for other options? Let’s turn to Movavi Clips and see what it has in store for you. This powerful video and picture editor offers both manual and automatic creation modes.

Unlike other video editing apps or bokeh apps, Movavi is a bundle that includes multiple apps under its sleeves, including a file converter, screen recorder, video editor, and other goodies to make you a professional image editor.

The app has 180+ filters to add a personalized touch to your videos. It also helps you level up your content with titles and transitions. The best thing – you can export your work at high speed and get ready to achieve praise and appreciation for your talent.

Key features

  • Easy editing
  • Drag-and-drop effects
  • Transitions and Bokeh

7.      Videoshop

Another best video bokeh app to try in 2023 is Videoshop. This powerful editor lets you record clips directly within the app, and that’s what makes it stand out from the crowd. With VideoShop, you can add a bokeh effect to the desired part of your videos and make them look visually appealing.

Moreover, this app lets you merge multiple clips into one, add text to the clip, and a lot more. You can also insert multiple transitions between clips to make it engaging than ever. But while the app is available for free to download, it might include in-app purchases.

Key features

  • Record voiceovers
  • Merge multiple clips into one
  • Add text and narration
  • Extensive sharing capabilities

8.      Splice

Need a quick video edit? Turn to Splice and transform simple videos into exciting masterpieces. It is an all-purpose video editing application available for multiple platforms. The app is pretty much like Apple’s iMovie and offers multiple effects, including Bokeh, video tracks, and songs.

That’s not all. The USP of Splice lies in its ability to sync videos with the iTunes library, thus allowing you to expand your music options. Importing and editing videos with Splice is no hassle, which in turn, makes it ideal for both beginners and professionals alike.

Key features

  • Can add documentary-style effects
  • Royalty-free music
  • Intuitive user experience

9.      Quik for Mobile

Quik is one of the most powerful video editing software for mobile devices. It is compatible with iPhone, Android, and GoPro cameras and offers advanced editing features, including video bokeh, slo-mo, and automatic video detection. The software was developed with action photographs into account, thus allowing you to add minute elements to make a perfect action-packed video.

With Quik, users can trim, re-order, zoom, and rotate videos in seconds. Moreover, it has a simple interface and no steep learning curve, making it a perfect option for novices.

Key features

  • Smart cut tool
  • 26+ themes
  • 100+ free songs

10. Filmmaker Pro

Let’s end up the list with another premium video bokeh app – Filmmaker Pro. It is like an advanced version of iMovie and provides numerous editing tools to let you control how your video is recorded.

Besides, it can easily swap out any green screen background with only a few taps, You can also adjust the white balance, color gradient, and saturation by using Filmmaker Pro.

Key features

  • 30+ filters
  • Adjust the white balance and saturation


That’s all about the best video bokeh apps for iOS. Hope our guide will help you narrow down your choices and select the best option that caters to your video editing needs well. The Bokeh effect makes your videos engaging and eye-catching. Hence, don’t wait further, and download any of these options to produce a creative, compelling video in seconds.