Dynamic Cow exploded onto the iOS jailbreaking scene in late 2022 as a way to enable the Dynamic Island feature on non-iPhone 14 Pro devices running iOS 16. This highly anticipated iOS modification tool utilized the MacDirtyCow exploit to manipulate system files and essentially trick iOS into thinking it was running on an iPhone 14 Pro.

Initially compatible with iOS 16.0 through 16.1.2, Dynamic Cow provided users of older iPhones like the iPhone 13 Pro with a taste of the exclusive Dynamic Island feature. But its reign was short-lived, as Apple patched the MacDirtyCow vulnerability in iOS 16.2, rendering Dynamic Cow obsolete on newer iOS versions.

So what about iOS 17? Can Dynamic Cow make a comeback and bring Dynamic Island to older devices on iOS 17? Let’s take a look at what’s new in iOS 17 and whether Dynamic Cow can rise again.

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What’s New in iOS 17

Apple introduced iOS 17 at WWDC 2023, showcasing several major improvements and new features for iPhones. Some highlights include:

  • New lock screens – iOS 17 brings astronomy-themed lock screens that change dynamically based on time of day and location. There are also widget updates and wallpaper customizations for the lock screen.
  • iMessage improvements – Users can edit or recall recently sent messages, recover recently deleted messages, and mark conversations as unread to revisit them later.
  • SharePlay updates – SharePlay now works across FaceTime and Messages, so users can enjoy synced content during calls or chats in Messages.
  • Dynamic Island expansion – The Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max gets new animations and ability to display alerts from third party apps.
  • Always-On Display – The Always-On Display feature will no longer be limited to iPhone 14 Pro models. More devices will support the dimmed lock screen.

So iOS 17 delivers some neat upgrades, but still no major changes that would resurrect Dynamic Cow. The core fundamentals remain the same under the hood.

Can Dynamic Cow Work on iOS 17?

The short answer is no. Here’s why Dynamic Cow cannot enable Dynamic Island on iOS 17:

  • MacDirtyCow patched – The MacDirtyCow kernel vulnerability exploited by Dynamic Cow was patched in iOS 16.2. iOS 17 retains those fixes.
  • System integrity – Apple further hardened system integrity protections in iOS 16, making it even more difficult to manipulate system files like Dynamic Cow does.
  • Hardware restrictions – Dynamic Island has custom hardware like the pill-shaped cutout that Dynamic Cow cannot replicate on devices lacking that hardware.
  • Missing optimizations – Dynamic Cow tricks iOS into enabling Dynamic Island, but lacks the optimizations Apple built specifically for iPhone 14 Pro. It may be buggy.
  • Stability issues – Being based on an exploit, Dynamic Cow could lead to instability and crashes, especially on an iOS version it wasn’t designed for.

Unless another kernel exploit is found that can circumvent the latest mitigations in iOS 17, Dynamic Cow has reached the end of the road. The core concept was promising, but the implementation depended too heavily on a single vulnerability.

The Future of Dynamic Island Access

While Dynamic Cow itself won’t unlock Dynamic Island on iOS 17, there are a couple avenues that may eventually bring Dynamic Island to other devices:

  • Jailbreak community – Talented hackers may find new exploits that could bring Dynamic Island to older iPhones, but likely not right away. Jailbreaking iOS 17 will take time.
  • Apple expansion – Apple may expand Dynamic Island to more devices naturally through hardware and software updates, as they did with Always-On Display. But this is uncertain.

In summary, Dynamic Cow revolutionized iOS customization options for a brief period, but ultimately could not overcome the security improvements implemented by Apple. Unless iOS 17 is jailbroken with new techniques, Dynamic Island remains exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max hardware. Users eager to try Dynamic Island will have to opt for the latest Pro models.


Dynamic Cow offered an intriguing glimpse into expanded iOS capabilities through a kernel exploit. However, iOS security enhancements and hardware restrictions make this particular tool ineffective on iOS 17 and incompatible with non-Pro iPhones. While there is hope that iOS 17 may someday be jailbroken to unlock comparable functionality, Dynamic Cow itself will not enable Dynamic Island on iOS 17.

The creativity of the iOS jailbreak community continues to push software possibilities, so the door isn’t completely closed on bringing Dynamic Island to other devices. Only time will tell if iOS 17 will be open to customization tools like Dynamic Cow again, or if Apple decides to expand Dynamic Island accessibility themselves in future iOS versions. Did you enjoy the article? Share your feedback in the comment box.