Last week, I upgraded my iPhone to Apple’s newest iOS 17 update. I was eager to try out all the cool new features like the dynamic island and customizable lock screen. However, I quickly encountered an annoying issue – my morning alarm stopped working! As someone who relies on my iPhone’s alarm to wake up on time for work each day, this was a serious problem that I needed to fix right away.

After some frustrating trial-and-error, I realized the iOS 17 update had reset all of my alarm settings. Once I went back in and properly reconfigured my morning alarm time and sound, the issue was resolved and I could finally rely on my iPhone to wake me up again. So in this post, I am going to show you some causes and solutions for iOS 17 alarms not working issue.

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How To Fix iOS 17 Alarms Not Working

Check Alarm Settings

The most obvious cause of alarms not working is incorrect settings. Open the Clock app and ensure your desired alarm is actually turned on and set for the right date and time. Also verify the alarm sound is set appropriately and not set to “None” which would result in a silent alarm.

Increase Volume

Your iPhone’s volume levels can also interfere with alarms going off. In Settings, go to Sounds & Haptics and check that the Ringer and Alerts volume is turned up adequately to wake you. Keep in mind the volume buttons on the side of the iPhone will override the volume set in Settings.

Update to Latest Software

Installing the newest iOS update can often resolve bugs and issues with alarms. Go to Settings > General > Software Update to install iOS updates as soon as they become available. Apple is constantly refining the software experience.

Restart Your iPhone

Sometimes a basic restart can clear up minor software glitches. To force restart, press and hold the Side button and either Volume button until the Apple logo appears. Restarting refreshes the iPhone’s memory and resets background apps.

Reset All Settings

For more persistent issues, go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset All Settings to do a deeper reset of the system while retaining your data. This will restore default settings which may fix alarm problems.

Check Apple System Status

In rare cases, there may be downtime for Apple services that could impact alarms going off properly. Check Apple’s system status page for any issues with iCloud or mobile services that could relate to your iPhone alarm malfunction.

Wrapping Up

There are some causes and tips that should get your iOS 17 alarms back on track. Be sure to keep the alarm volume high, the software updated, and periodically restart your iPhone. If problems continue despite trying these solutions, contact Apple support for further assistance with your persistent alarm issues. If you need more help to use the new feature of iOS 17, don’t hesitate to ask via the comment section.