After I recently updated my iPhone to iOS 17, I noticed my FaceTime Live Photos were no longer saving to my Camera Roll after my calls. Since I love capturing funny and memorable moments with friends and family on FaceTime, this was a real bummer. Luckily, I have found some working methods and tips to fix FaceTime photos not saving on iOS 17 issue. Without further ado, let me show you some guides I tried.

Here are the steps I took to fix my FaceTime photo saving issues on iOS 17:

First, I opened Settings and went to FaceTime > FaceTime Live Photos to check if the feature was still enabled. Sure enough, the switch was turned off after the update, so I made sure to turn it back on.

Next, I checked my available storage, since a full iPhone won’t save new photos. Luckily I still had over 20GB free, so space wasn’t the issue.

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Just to be safe, I force quit the FaceTime app and restarted my iPhone. A quick reboot can work wonders! But even after relaunching FaceTime, my photos still weren’t saving.

Time to pull out the big guns – I went to Settings > General > Software Update and installed the latest iOS update available. Apple often pushes out bug fix updates quickly, so it was worth a shot.

After the update installed, I placed a test FaceTime call and snapped some photos. No luck – they still weren’t saving.

Next I checked the Content & Privacy Restrictions settings to make sure FaceTime had access to the Camera and Photos. Once I confirmed it did, I moved on to resetting my network settings.

Under Settings > General > Reset, I tapped Reset Network Settings to refresh my WiFi, Bluetooth and cellular settings. This didn’t fix it, so I knew it was an issue with the FaceTime app itself.

At this point, I used UltFone’s iOS System Repair tool to deeply scan and fix all system issues on my device. After this optimized my iOS firmware, FaceTime began saving photos properly again.

Remembering to have Live Photos enabled on both ends, I now enjoy capturing and saving special FaceTime moments once more! Apple still has some bugs to squash, but there are solutions. Do you know any other methods that worked for you? Share with our readers through the comment box.