Getting blocked or ghosted on your iPhone can be frustrating and confusing. You may text someone and never hear back, leaving you wondering – have I been blocked? While there’s no definite way to know if you’ve been blocked on iPhone, there are several clues you can look for. Let’s check out how to know if you are blocked on iPhone.

Warning Signs Your Messages Aren’t Going Through

One of the biggest red flags is when your texts to someone suddenly stop going through. Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • You get error messages saying your texts aren’t being delivered. If you see alerts like “Not Delivered” or “Failed to Send” when texting someone, this could indicate you’ve been blocked.
  • Your texts are sent as SMS instead of iMessage. If the person you’re texting has an iPhone but your messages are showing up in green bubbles instead of blue, their phone may be blocking your iMessages.
  • You don’t see “Read” receipts. If the other person has read receipts enabled but you stop seeing when they’ve read your texts, you may be blocked.

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No Response on Phone Calls

In addition to texts not going through, being blocked can affect phone calls:

  • Your calls go straight to voicemail every time. If their phone rings once then sends you to voicemail, you’re likely blocked.
  • It always says the person is “busy” when you try to call. This excuse every time you ring is suspicious.
  • You hear a half-ring before being sent to voicemail. The call is connecting for a split second before rejecting you.

Other Clues You’ve Been Blocked

  • Aside from communication issues, here are other signs someone may have blocked you:
  • Your notifications and messages disappear. If conversations you were having suddenly vanish, you may be blocked.
  • The person unfriended or unfollowed you on social media. Removing connections could signal you’ve been blocked in real life too.
  • Mutual friends stop mentioning the person around you. Your shared connections may be distancing on behalf of the person who blocked you.

When In Doubt, Ask Directly

While these clues can indicate a block, nothing is 100% certain. Network issues or the person’s phone settings could also cause these problems. If you’re really unsure about your status with someone, politely asking if you’re still connected can help get clarity on the situation and hopefully preserve the relationship.


Being blocked with no explanation can be confusing and hurtful. However, looking out for signs like one-sided communication failures and severed social media ties can help give you insight. While subtler clues may suggest a block, directly addressing the situation can help resolve any misunderstandings. With open communication and mutual understanding, you can usually maintain positive connections, even despite the occasional block. Did you read the article properly? I guess now you are aware of how to find out if someone has blocked your on iPhone. If you need more help? Don’t hesitate to ask via comment box.