Have you invested your hard-earned cash in an expensive iPhone 15 and disappointed with its overheating issue? Trust me, you are not alone, as massive complaints are lodged against the matter, and Apple itself is addressing the issue on its official media platforms.

So, what’s exactly the matter, and can you fix the iPhone 15 overheating trouble on your own? Keep scrolling the page and find everything you need to know more. Here, we’ve compiled the reasons for triggering the problem and general solutions to get rid of overheating.

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What’s Happening with iPhone 15?

Before we get into the solutions, let’s highlight the issue first and give our readers a clear idea of what’s happening with the iPhone 15. The device has been launched lately, and people are already disappointed with their hefty purchase.

Most of them are complaining about the device overheating issue and saying that the fast charge makes the iPhone too hot to touch. One of the users got scared when his iPhone touched 42 degrees Celsius after just a 2-minute Facetime call.

The complaints are multiplying day-by-day, leading Apple to look into the matter personally. Thankfully, the company addressed the concern and said an update will soon be launched to cool down the overheating trouble.

What’s Triggering the iPhone 15 Overheating Problem?

Here comes the real question – what’s triggering the iPhone 15 overheating trouble, and why is the phone getting hot when fast charging? If an Apple spokesperson is to be believed, it’s all because of the iOS 17 bug.

Apple claims that they found a bug in iOS 17 that’s impacting some users and leading to overheating. They also suggest that the iPhone 15’s design has nothing to do with the overheating, and users can rest assured of their purchase.

Another issue they might be suspecting is certain third-party apps. Apple spokesperson adds the role of third-party apps in the overheating of the device. Certain apps cause to overload the system, thus creating trouble.

Apple has acknowledged what many buyers have noticed over the past week and said the background activity, an iOS 17 bug, and third-party apps are the major culprits causing the problem. The overheating issue is confined to certain situations and combinations of apps. Therefore, not every user observes the issue, and not every device is getting warmer than expected.

What are the Generic Solutions to Fix the iPhone 15 Overheating Trouble?

While Apple’s new update is on the way to eliminate the overheating trouble, users can follow some generic methods to keep their device temperature down. Let’s have a look.

1.      Remove iPhone case

If you are among those who are facing the iPhone 15 overheating issue, it’s recommended to remove the iPhone case and save your device from overheating. The case often traps the heat radiation, thus enhancing the overheating issue. Consider removing it and see if it helps cool down the device.

2.      Quit Running Apps

The apps running in the background often heat the device more than expected. Hence, iPhone 15 users are suggested to remove all the running apps every time they lock their device. It helps the smartphone to stay cool when not in use. Double-click the Home button and swipe up the apps to close.

3.      Do not use your iPhone when charging

Until Apple launches the official fix to remove the overheating issue, users are suggested not to use their iPhones while charging. It helps the iPhone to use all its energy in the charging process, thus reducing the overheating trouble.

4.      Remove trouble-causing third-party apps

Apple claims that certain third-party apps are causing trouble and overheating the iPhone 15, such as Instagram, Asphalt, and Uber. Hence, users are suggested to remove them for good and see if the hack resolves the problem.


It’s all that we know about fixing the iPhone 15 overheating issue. The trouble is getting attention day by day, leaving users annoyed and disappointed with Apple’s new launch. But there’s no need to freak out, as Apple has already addressed the concern and is all set to release an update to remove the error for good.

Besides, Apple is also recommending users utilize the exclusive USB-C cables to charge their devices. Do not use a charger of more than 20W to reduce the likelihood of the error.