Universe on the Move (UOTM) is a mobile application developed by ICICI Bank for its employees. As described on the Google Play store, Universe on the Move allows ICICI Bank employees to complete various work-related transactions and tasks remotely via their mobile devices.

Key features of the Universe on the Move app include:

  • Apply for leave
  • View salary slips
  • Access important company policies and documents
  • Submit daily attendance/muster updates
  • Approve transactions or requests
  • Chat with HR using an in-app chatbot named Zeno

Essentially, Universe on the Move aims to enable productivity and improve efficiency by allowing employees to manage work tasks and complete important actions, no matter where they are.

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Is Universe on the Move Available on iOS/iPhone?

No, unfortunately Universe on the Move is currently only available on Android devices.

As of January 2024, there does not seem to be an iOS version of Universe on the Move released on the Apple App Store.

In our research, we found that earlier Universe on the Move was available on App Store, but was eventually removed due to undisclosed reasons.

Why Universe on the Move is Android-Only

There are a few potential reasons why Universe on the Move has not launched for iOS yet:

1. Target User Base

Universe on the Move is an enterprise application specifically tailored for ICICI Bank employees. The app requires connectivity to the company’s internal systems and network in order to function properly.

As Android dominates India’s smartphone market with over 97% market share, developing for Android first caters perfectly to their target user base – their own employees.

2. Easier Internal Distribution on Android

Distributing internal enterprise apps is more straightforward on Android.

ICICI can easily have employees download the app from the Play Store or directly distribute the Android APK file internally.

Whereas on iOS, special developer certificates are required for enterprise distribution outside of the consumer App Store. So, Android makes more sense for initial launches.

3. Challenges Porting from Android to iOS

Building and maintaining apps on both Android and iOS introduces significant added complexity for developers. From using different programming languages, SDKs and APIs to ensuring UI/UX parity across platforms.

Focusing on Android first allows ICICI Bank to validate the product before considering an iOS version. And they likely want to nail the user experience before attempting to port it over.

Will Universe on the Move Ever Launch on iOS?

An iOS version of Universe on the Move could certainly launch in the future.

Expanding support to iOS would allow additional employees with company-issued iPhones to use the app. It would also make the app accessible across a wider range of devices like iPads.

However, since Universe on the Move relies so heavily on internal infrastructure and connectivity, the barriers to supporting iOS may be higher.

ICICI would need to ensure full feature parity, consistent performance, device security and seamless integration with its existing systems.

Hence, while an iOS app is definitely possible and would boost accessibility, it simply may not be a priority for them compared to enhancing the existing Android product.

Can You Get Universe on the Move on a Personal iOS Device?

Since Universe on the Move is an internal enterprise app, you cannot download it from the App Store on your personal iPhone or iPad.

Even for ICICI employees, getting Universe on the Move on iOS would likely require:

  • Using a company-issued iPhone configured by IT
  • Manually installing a development build tied to your employee credentials
  • Connecting securely through ICICI’s private network infrastructure

So realistically, average consumers have no way to access Universe on the Move on their personal iOS devices. It is restricted to authorized employees only.


Universe on the Move is an Android-exclusive mobile app from ICICI Bank enabling employees to manage work tasks efficiently on-the-go. An iOS version has not launched yet, possibly due to target demographics, distribution challenges and added complexity supporting both platforms simultaneously.

While expanding to iOS could benefit accessibility, doing so may simply not be a high priority for them at this time given the robust usage via Android already. As an internal enterprise application, Universe on the Move is unfortunately not available for consumers to download on their personal iPhones or iPads.