Ymusic is a popular music streaming and downloading app for Android that allows users to listen to audio from YouTube videos offline and in the background. However, Ymusic is not officially available for iOS devices.

Here, I am going to show you workarounds and alternative options iOS users have to utilize the core functionality of Ymusic on an iPhone or iPad.

Why Ymusic is Not Available for iOS

The main reason Ymusic is not natively available for iOS devices is that Apple has more restrictive policies regarding third-party apps that use YouTube’s API and content. Specifically:

  • Background audio playback – Apps must use Apple’s official Background Audio Task API to play audio in the background. Ymusic likely uses its own custom background audio implementation.
  • Downloading content – Apple restricts apps from allowing downloads of copyrighted content like YouTube videos without authorization.

As a result, the developers of Ymusic have focused their efforts on the Android platform only where such limitations do not exist.

How to Use Ymusic Features on iOS

While an iOS version of Ymusic itself is not possible currently, users still have some workarounds to get similar functionality:

1. Use Alternative Apps

There are some alternative iOS apps that provide background audio and downloading from YouTube to varying degrees:

  • Musi – Allows creating playlists and streaming YouTube music in the background. No downloading feature.
  • YTMusic – Jailbreak tweak that unlocks background audio and ad-free playback in the YouTube Music app.
  • Documents by Readdle – File manager app with built-in browser that can download YouTube videos. No background audio.

These apps have their limitations but can replicate parts of the Ymusic experience.

2. Use the YouTube Music Website

The YouTube Music website functions very similarly to the Ymusic app itself. It allows both streaming music in the background and downloading for offline playback.

To use it:

  1. Open the YouTube Music site in Safari on your iOS device
  2. Play a song
  3. Tap the Home button to move the song to the background
  4. Tap the Safari icon in the app switcher to bring back the website

This method essentially transforms the website into a web-based version of Ymusic. The main catch is that you need to keep the Safari tab open at all times.

3. Access Ymusic Website

Ymusic has a mobile-optimized website at ymusic.io. Here you can search and play YouTube music directly in your iOS browser.

To enable background playback:

  1. Open the site in Safari
  2. Tap the Share button
  3. Select “Add to Home Screen”
  4. Open the web app from your home screen

Now you can minimize the web app and audio will continue playing.

4. Use Shortcuts Automation

For advanced users, it’s possible to replicate Ymusic’s downloading functionality using Shortcuts automation. The process involves:

  1. Getting the YouTube video URL for the desired song
  2. Creating a Shortcut to pass the URL to a site/app that downloads YouTube videos
  3. Saving the audio file to the Music app

The main limitation is that background audio playback cannot be automated in this manner. But it still allows saving songs locally for offline use.

Best Alternative Music Apps for iOS

Here are some of the best free music and YouTube apps available natively for iOS that serve as good alternatives to Ymusic in terms of features and music catalog:

  • Spotify – Top music streaming service with over 80 million tracks, playlists, and more. No YouTube integration.
  • Apple Music – Excellent integration with iOS and extensive music catalog. No YouTube integration.
  • YouTube Music – Official YouTube music app with large catalog. Somewhat limited background playback.
  • Musi – Specialized for streaming YouTube music with playlists and backgrounds play. No downloads.

While none match Ymusic directly, they provide iOS users with a variety of options to listen to free music with decent background audio support.


Although Ymusic is not available natively for iOS due to platform limitations, users still have some good workarounds:

  • Alternative third-party apps can replicate parts of the Ymusic functionality
  • The YouTube Music website itself when used properly can act as an iOS version of Ymusic
  • Use Ymusic website on your iPhone browser
  • Automation through Shortcuts can enable downloading songs

Additionally, apps like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music serve as the best alternatives for free music streaming on iOS devices.

While iOS users unfortunately can’t use Ymusic directly, there are still plenty of options to enjoy ad-free background playback and offline playlists.