Apple’s first augmented reality headset, the Vision Pro, is now available for pre-order before its February launch. The cutting-edge AR device starts at $3,499 for the base model with 256GB storage. Before getting your pre-order in for Apple’s highly anticipated Vision Pro, here are some key things to know about pricing, compatibility, vision correction, specs, accessories and more.

Pricing Tiers and Payment Options

The Vision Pro comes in three storage tiers – 256GB for $3,499, 512GB for $3,699 and 1TB for $3,899. You can make a one-time payment or enroll in a monthly payment plan through Apple for 12 months. For example, the base 256GB model costs $291.58 per month. Consider how much storage you’ll need for apps, videos, photos and games.

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Compatibility and Regional Use

The Apple Vision Pro is currently only sold in the United States and optimized for U.S. use. It requires an Apple ID set to the U.S. and supports English for interface, Siri and typing. Keep this regional compatibility in mind.

Built-in Vision Correction

The Apple Vision Pro does not require separate glasses and is designed for use without them. However, you can magnetically attach ZEISS smart prescription lenses or readers. These cost $99 for readers and $149 for custom prescription lenses.

Display Resolution and Refresh Rate

With a stunning high-resolution display, the Vision Pro provides a crisper and smoother visual experience. The headset contains 23 million pixels across dual OLED microdisplays and supports refresh rates up to 100Hz.

Cameras, Sensors and Battery Life

The Vision Pro is packed with cameras and sensors for mixed reality experiences. It has two main cameras, four inward-facing eye-tracking cameras, six external cameras for mapping environments and a LiDAR scanner. Battery life is estimated at up to two hours of general use or 2.5 hours viewing media.

Recommended Accessories

The Vision Pro does not come with a travel case, so purchasing the Vision Pro Travel Case for $199 is wise to protect it. You may also want back-up battery packs ($199 each) and a 30W power adapter ($39) for additional usage time.

Pre-Order Date and Release

Pre-orders went live on January 19, 2024 at 5am PST. The Vision Pro will be available in stores and arrive at customer’s homes starting February 2, 2024. Sign up for in-store demos available February 1 to try before you buy.

For Developers

Developers can request app evaluations for Vision Pro compatibility through Apple’s developer portal. Apple also provides developer tools and opportunities to work on extending apps and experiences to the new platform.

Intended Uses and Features

The Apple Vision Pro is designed for immersive mixed reality interactions, travel, spatial computing and experiences. It offers a new Travel Mode for use on airplanes. Personalized spatial audio, hand tracking, eye tracking, voice control, physical controllers and keyboards allow for diverse inputs.

Pre-Order Preparation

Update to the latest App Store app before pre-ordering and have Face ID ready for scanning to size the Vision Pro. Consider prescription inserts, accessories and total costs. Research sizing and fit as well so you pick the right model.

The Apple Vision Pro marks a major new product category for Apple and the AR market. Keep these key considerations in mind to pick the right model, accessories and prepare your pre-order for this long-awaited innovative headset.