iOS 17 is the latest major software update for iPhones, bringing new features and changes to the user experience. For iPhone 11 users specifically, iOS 17 offers a mix of positives and negatives. Let’s take a look at how iOS 17 impacts performance, battery life, the user interface, and new features on the iPhone 11.


Performance is a key aspect of the iOS update experience. Users want to know if their iPhone will feel faster and more responsive, or slower and more laggy after installing the new OS.

The feedback on iOS 17’s performance on the iPhone 11 is generally positive so far. Many users report the OS feeling smooth and snappy, with no major performance regressions. App launch times and animations seem consistent with iOS 16 for most. Some note minor keyboard lag, but performance issues don’t appear widespread.

That said, there are also reports of stutters, frame rate drops, and occasional sluggishness on the iPhone 11 under iOS 17. These issues may depend on factors like the amount of storage available and whether the device has been freshly setup. But they do indicate performance is not universally improved for all users.

Verdict: For the majority of iPhone 11 users, iOS 17 performance remains solid and on par with previous iOS versions. However, sporadic lag or stuttering is affecting some users, indicating performance improvements are not consistent across all devices.

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Battery Life

Maintaining good battery life is crucial when updating to a major new iOS release. Unfortunately, tests indicate iOS 17 has broadly reduced battery life for iPhone 11 and older models.

The drain does not seem to stem from any single culprit. Instead, bugs related to efficiency and heat could be causing excess power consumption and wasted energy. Many users report needing to charge their iPhone 11 more frequently after updating, with battery draining noticeably faster even with light use.

Apple has acknowledged iOS 17 battery life issues on the latest iPhone models, indicating a software fix could arrive in a future 17.x update. But so far, the 17.0.3 and 17.1 updates have not resolved the battery drain problems for iPhone 11 users specifically.

Verdict: iOS 17 has clearly reduced battery life for many iPhone 11 users so far. Apple may still address these problems in a future update, but currently the battery life impact is a notable downgrade vs iOS 16.

User Interface

iOS 17 does not dramatically alter the iPhone’s core user interface. But it does introduce some visual changes through new widgets, notifications, and other areas.

The major changes relate to the new ‘StandBy’ mode and interactive widgets. When placed horizontally on a charger, the iPhone can now show glanceable information on the lock screen like a smart display. The new widgets also allow checking off reminders and other quick interactions without unlocking.

These features provide new functionality when the iPhone is idle. But they do not significantly change the UI when actively using iOS 17 apps and system menus. Other UI changes like updated notifications and a refreshed Siri design are relatively subtle as well.

Verdict: The iPhone 11 user interface remains largely familiar under iOS 17. StandBy mode and interactive widgets offer new lock screen functionality, but do not drastically alter core UI experiences.

New Features

iOS 17 brings a host of new capabilities to iPhones in general, including the iPhone 11. These include major upgrades to core communication apps like Phone, FaceTime, and Messages.

Specifically, the Phone app gains new features like live voicemail transcriptions and contact posters when receiving calls. FaceTime improves shareplay integration and video quality. And Messages enables editing, unsending, and marking conversations as unread.

The update also adds conveniences like being able to pause and resume AirDrop transfers between Apple devices. The Camera app gets useful additions as well, such as a virtual horizon level to help compose shots.

Verdict: While the iPhone 11 misses out on exclusive features like the Dynamic Island, it still gains the host of core iOS 17 upgrades related to communications, productivity, and creative apps. These provide meaningful new capabilities.


iOS 17 delivers a mix of ups and downs for iPhone 11 users. Performance remains solid for many, but battery life issues are concerning. New features bring helpful additions, yet the core user interface stays largely similar outside of widgets.

Overall, iOS 17 is still recommended for iPhone 11 users seeking new capabilities today. But the battery life impacts mean installing the update involves some trade-offs. Paying attention to Apple’s upcoming software updates will be key to addressing any lingering issues.