Life moves fast, and trying to keep friends and family updated on your whereabouts amidst the hustle can be a challenge. But iOS 17 is here to help with a game-changing addition – automatic check-ins right from your iPhone Messages app.

With just a few taps, the Check In feature constructs an instant itinerary sharing your destination, route, estimated arrival times and even device vitals like battery level and signal strength. Once you hit the road, your selected contacts receive real-time updates, alleviating the need for constant texts. It’s like having a personal assistant handling logistics while you focus on the journey.

Running late to dinner? Check In automatically fires off a notification so your guests can adapt plans accordingly. Want to give your spouse peace of mind while traveling alone? Check In provides real-time reassurance of your changing locations and arrival times.

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Customize check-in durations or opt for indefinite sharing sessions, with manual privacy controls available any time. The Check In automatically ceases location transmission upon battery depletion as well – no more dead phones cut off mid-update.

Imagine coordinated meetups without endless messaging threads, families kept effortlessly in sync, and safety assurances during solo treks. With Check In’s automated itinerary sharing, connection and convenience lifts travel to new heights in iOS 17. The open road beckons – bon voyage!