One of the new features in iOS 17 is the ability to have your iPhone display change to a reddish hue when in a dark environment. This dark mode color tint is designed to be better for your eyes and sleep when using your phone at night. Here is how to activate and customize this new standby color feature in iOS 17.

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What Is Dark Mode Color Tinting?

Apple introduced the ability to have your iPhone display turn reddish/orange when in a low-light environment. This is because blue light from device screens can disrupt sleep patterns and be harsh on the eyes in the dark.

The reddish “Dark Mode” color palette contains less blue light, helping improve comfort and sleep when using your phone at night in a bedroom or other dark area.

Auto-Switching Based on Light Sensor

By default in iOS 17, your iPhone will automatically switch to the reddish standby mode when the light sensor detects a dark environment.

To test this out, go into a dark room and cover the light sensor near the front facing camera. After a moment, you should see the display change to a red/orange hue.

When you uncover the sensor or turn on a light, it will switch back to normal color display.


  • iOS 17 can tint your iPhone display reddish/orange in dark environments and low light.
  • This “Dark Mode Dimming” removes blue light for better nighttime viewing.
  • It works automatically based on the light sensor or can be manually enabled.

Changing to a red night display is an excellent feature in iOS 17 for reducing eye strain and improving sleep. Make sure you know how to use the Stand By Mode. Your eyes will thank you.