Whether you are a hardcore Manga lover or stream Manga or anime content casually, you must have heard about Tachiyomi. This website has a vast assortment of Manage content, and it streams everything for free. 

However, Tachiyomi is an Android application; hence, users are still confused and wondering how to download Tachiyomi on iOS. If you are struggling with the same question, then you are in luck, as this guide has all your answers. Why wait? Keep scrolling the page and find everything about Tachiyomi.

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What is Tachiyomi?

Let’s start with the basic introduction. Tachiyomi is a third-party app that lets users stream Managa content for free. It features a wide collection of manga content to keep users busy and occupied. 

The app was developed by Inorochi and aims to facilitate Manga lovers around the world. It features a simple, user-friendly interface, so users can easily navigate to the content without seeking any expert’s guidance. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get this full-featured reader, and discover and read Manga, comics, and webtoons with a swipe of your fingertips. 

Is Tachiyomi available for iOS?

It’s time to reveal the answer, which is, unfortunately, NO. Tachiyomi is solely launched for Android smartphones, and the developers have never developed it for iPhones or other Apple devices. 

Currently, there is no version of the Tachiyomi app available for iOS, and developers are not going to launch it for iPhones anytime soon. 

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Can I use Tachiyomi on iOS?

No, you cannot. Since the app is not available for iOS devices, you cannot download the same on your iPhones or iPads. However, there are some websites and sources that claim to offer reliable links to get Tachiyomi on iOS.

But, it’s advised not to fall prey to such websites and avoid using any link or source to get the tweaked version. Instead, you can use some of its alternatives with the same features and functionalities. 

The sole method to stream content on Tachiyomi is switching from iPhone to Android. And if you don’t want a switch, consider Tachiyomi alternatives, like Manga Plus, Paperback Manga Reader, and more to serve the purpose. 


So, that’s all about downloading Tachoyomi on iOS. While the app is no less than a godsend for Manga lovers, it’s still not available for iPhone users, and there’s no chance of its iOS release anytime soon. Hence, it’s advised to either drop the idea of using Tachiyomi or use its alternatives. Do not jailbreak your device to get this Manga reader, and never trust third-party websites that claim to offer the Tachiyomi link for iPhones and iPads. Thank you for reading and stay connected with us for more such guides.