Dropping a pin on your iPhone allows you to share a specific location with others. The pin shows up as a map marker that the recipient can open to see the exact address. It’s a quick and easy way to let someone know where to meet you or find a location you want them to go to. Here, I will show you how to drop a pin on an iPhone.

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How to Drop a Pin in Messages

The simplest way to drop a pin is directly within the Messages app. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Messages app and select a conversation.
  2. Tap the plus icon to the left of the text box.
  3. Choose Location from the menu.
  4. This will bring up Apple Maps showing your current location. Tap the pin icon in the top left corner.
  5. Drag the pin to the location you want to share. You can zoom and pan the map to find the exact spot.
  6. Optionally, you can tap the blue info icon on the pin to name the location.
  7. When ready, tap Send to share the pin.

The recipient will see a map preview in the conversation. Tapping on it opens Apple Maps to show the shared pin location.

How to Drop a Pin in Apple Maps

You can also drop a pin within the Apple Maps app to get the location details:

  1. Open the Apple Maps app.
  2. Search for a location or navigate to it on the map.
  3. Tap and hold on the place you want to pin until a dropdown appears.
  4. Tap on Drop Pin.
  5. A red pin will drop on the map at that location.
  6. Tap on the pin info button to see the address and coordinates.
  7. Tap Share to send the pin to someone.
  8. Choose Messages and select a conversation to share it.

How to Save Dropped Pins

Dropped pins are visible on your iPhone’s map until you delete them. To keep pins for future use:

  • In Apple Maps, tap the pin and then the heart icon to save it to favorites.
  • In Google Maps, open the pin details and tap Save to add it to saved places.

How to Share Pins Outside Messages

You can also share pinned locations outside of Messages using the share options for each app. For example:

  • Apple Maps – Tap the arrow icon to share the pin via Mail, AirDrop, etc.
  • Google Maps – Tap the pin and use the Share menu to copy the link, share via other apps, etc.

So, in summary, dropping a pin on your iPhone is an easy way to share exact locations with others right from your maps app or messages. With just a few taps, you can send and receive pins to meet up or help someone find any address.