Pinterest is a popular social media platform that allows users to discover and share creative content and ideas through images and videos. If you come across a video on Pinterest that you want to save for offline viewing or sharing later, you can download Pinterest videos directly to your iPhone. If you don’t know how to download Pinterest videos on your iPhone, here’s a guide to help you.

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To download videos from Pinterest on your iPhone, you only need two apps:

The Pinterest App

First, you’ll need the official Pinterest app installed on your iPhone. This can be downloaded for free from the App Store. Make sure you have the latest version of the app, but an older version should also work fine.

Documents by Readdle

You’ll also need a files app like Documents by Readdle installed on your iPhone. This provides a file browser and downloader needed to complete the Pinterest video download. Search for “Documents” in the App Store and install the app with the briefcase icon.

With just the Pinterest app and a files app like Documents, you’ll have everything you need to save Pinterest videos.

Step #1 – Get the Video Link

To download a Pinterest video, you first need to copy the link or URL for the specific video:

  1. Open the Pinterest app and find the video you want to download.
  2. Tap on the video to open it full screen.
  3. In the lower right corner, tap the Share button.
  4. Tap “Copy Link”. This copies the video’s unique URL that you’ll need later.

Alternatively, tap the three dots at the top right while viewing the video full screen. Then tap “Copy Link” from the menu that appears.

Either way, you should now have the exact video URL copied ready for the next steps.

Step #2 – Use a Video Downloader Website

With the video link copied, it’s time to use an online tool to convert the Pinterest video into a downloadable file:

  1. Open the Documents app and tap the Browser tab at the bottom.
  2. Search for “Pinterest video downloader” in the browser’s search bar.
  3. Select any site from the results. There are many free options that all work similarly.
  4. Paste the copied Pinterest video link into the prompted field using a long press paste.
  5. Tap the Download, Convert, or similar button on the site. Wait for it to process the video file.
  6. When ready, tap Download Video or Download HD to save the Pinterest video file to your device.

Step #3 – Save the Pinterest Video

After initiating the video file download, you will see a save prompt:

  • Choose a download location like On My iPhone or a specific album.
  • Rename the video file if desired.
  • Tap Save/Done to begin the download.

Monitor the download progress. Once completed, you will find the Pinterest video in the Documents app.

If you want the video available in your Photos app:

  • In Documents, tap the three dots next to the video.
  • Choose “Save to Photos” to move it to your Camera Roll.

The downloaded Pinterest video is now saved on your iPhone and accessible in the Photos app for easy sharing or offline viewing!

Final Words

While Pinterest doesn’t allow saving videos natively, using the share link and a video downloader site makes it easy to download any Pinterest video. The Documents app lets you manage the downloads right on your iPhone. Now, you can build an offline collection of your favorite Pinterest videos.