Recording a phone call is very important these days. It is like documenting an oral agreement between two persons.

It is easy to record a call on an Android phone, but it is not the same case on iPhone. The iPhone does not have a built-in feature to record phone calls.

However, you may want to record important calls for future reference or to save them as evidence. Here’s how you can legally record calls on your iPhone.

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Check Your State Laws on Recording Calls

Before recording any phone call, you need to check if it’s legal in your state. The laws vary by state in the US.

According to federal law, one party’s consent is required to record a call. This means if you are part of the call, you can record it without asking for permission from the other person. However, some states require consent from both parties on the call before recording.

You can check this website for the recording laws specific to your state. Make sure to follow the laws to avoid any legal issues.

Method #1: Use Another Device to Record

Using another device is the easiest way to record a call on your iPhone. You can use either an Android phone, iPhone, iPad, or computer.

To record using another phone:

  • Make the call on your iPhone using speaker mode.
  • Open the voice recorder app on the other phone and start recording.
  • Place the phones side-by-side so that the call is recorded clearly.
  • After the call, stop the recording and save it.

You can also use voice recording apps on Mac or Windows to record the call. Just make sure the iPhone is close enough so that the call audio is captured.

Method #2: Use a Call Recording App

There are apps available on the App Store that can record calls made on your iPhone. However, most of these have limitations.

Some examples of call recording apps include Automatic Call Recorder, Call Recorder ACR, RecMyCalls, and TapeACall Pro. Most of these require you to first dial a number provided by the app developer and then merge the calls to connect with the person you want to talk to.

The biggest limitation of these apps is sound quality. The recordings don’t tend to be very clear. Also, you may need to pay a subscription for full features.

Check user reviews carefully before choosing an app. See if the recordings made are clear enough before paying for a subscription.

Method #3: Use External Recording Devices

You can also use external recording devices to capture the call audio from your iPhone speaker. Some options are:

  • Voice recorders – Simple audio recorders are available at around $30 on Amazon. Place it near the iPhone speaker during the call.
  • USB call recorders – These devices can be connected directly to the iPhone to record calls. They cost more but provide better recording quality.
  • Bluetooth recorders – Clip-on Bluetooth recorders can be paired with your iPhone. Put one on your lapel to record during the call.
  • Headphone splitter adapters – These allow you to connect two pairs of headphones. One goes to your ear and the other to a recording device.

No matter which device you use, make sure to check the recording laws for your state first. Also, inform the other person on the call if required. Stay within the law while recording phone calls on your iPhone.