With the release of iOS 17, Apple has introduced a new Standby mode that shows interactive widgets on the lock screen. It is very useful when you are sleeping and want to take a glance at your iPhone without unlocking it. Follow these steps to turn on and use Standby mode when your iPhone is stationary and charging.

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Turn On Standby Mode

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap “Standby.” This is found under the General section.
  3. Make sure the Standby toggle switch is turned on (green). This enables the feature.

Use Standby Mode

To activate Standby mode:

  1. Confirm Portrait Lock and Landscape Lock are turned off in the Control Center. Standby only works in landscape orientation.
  2. Turn off your iPhone’s screen and place it on a wireless charger or plugged into power. Position it sideways in landscape mode.
  3. Leave your iPhone stationary. After a moment, you’ll see a “Welcome to Standby” message.
  4. Tap “Continue,” and Standby mode will activate.

When Standby is on, your iPhone display will remain off except for a small Standby indicator. The phone will enter a low-power state to conserve battery life.

Customize Standby

To customize Standby:

  1. Long-press on the Standby indicator to bring up edit options.
  2. Unlock your iPhone when prompted.
  3. Rearrange or remove widgets shown in Standby by tapping the Edit button.
  4. Tap “Done” when finished editing to exit edit mode.

Your customized Standby layout will be saved.

Standby Mode Features

When in Standby:

  • Battery charge rate slows to preserve lifespan.
  • You’ll still receive notifications with visual and haptic feedback.
  • Time, widgets, and other info remain visible on the minimal Standby screen.
  • Pick up your iPhone or turn off the charger to instantly exit Standby.

Tips for Using Standby

Keep these tips in mind to use Standby effectively:

  • Your iPhone must be in landscape orientation, not moving, and charging.
  • Disable Portrait and Landscape Lock first, or Standby won’t activate.
  • Customize Standby widgets to show info important to you.
  • Standby extends battery life, so don’t worry about overcharging.
  • Exit Standby by moving your iPhone, pressing buttons, or unplugging power.

And that’s how to use the new Standby mode on your iPhone with iOS 17. Enable it whenever your iPhone is stationary and charging to save battery life.