Apple Watch is a handy companion to the iPhone, allowing you to perform many tasks right from your wrist. One useful feature is the ability to ping your iPhone to help locate it when misplaced nearby. Here is how to ping your iPhone from an Apple Watch running the latest iOS 17 software.


The iPhone ping feature only works between an Apple Watch and the iPhone it is paired with. The Apple Watch must be set up and synced to a specific iPhone in order to access features like pinging. So you can only ping the iPhone that is connected to and set up with your Apple Watch.

How to Ping From Apple Watch

Ping your iPhone from an Apple Watch is simple:

  1. Swipe up on your Apple Watch screen to access the Control Center.
  2. Look for the iPhone icon in the Control Center and tap on it.
  3. This will send a ping to your iPhone causing it to play a sound, allowing you to hear where it is and find it.
  4. Your iPhone needs to be within Bluetooth range of the Apple Watch for the ping to work successfully.

Range Limitation to Ping iPhone with Apple Watch

The iPhone ping feature only works if your iPhone is within Bluetooth range of the Apple Watch, usually up to about 30 feet or so depending on environment. If your iPhone is in another room or further away, pinging it from the Apple Watch won’t work.

You can verify you are in range on the Apple Watch by checking that the iPhone icon shows as connected in the Control Center. If you are out of range, it may show as disconnected or not paired.

Flashlight Feature

Starting with watchOS 6, Apple added a new enhanced ping feature. If you press and hold on the iPhone icon when pinging, it will not only play a sound but also flash the iPhone’s LED flashlight. This helps visually locate the iPhone more easily in a dark room.

Precision Finding

With the latest Series 7 or Ultra models, Apple has introduced a Precision Finding feature. This uses on-device technology like the U1 chip to provide directional feedback in the Find My app.

You can see an AR map with precise directions that get more accurate as you get closer to pinpoint the exact location of your iPhone. This takes pinging your iPhone to an advanced level beyond just sound and flashlight cues.

Final Words

The simple ping feature on Apple Watch makes finding a misplaced iPhone fast and easy. Just swipe to the Control Center, tap the iPhone icon, and follow the sound or flash to locate your phone quickly. This works for any iPhone paired to an Apple Watch and is handy when you need to find your phone nearby in a cluttered room or bag. With the Precision Finding capability on newer models, Apple takes the iPhone ping to an even more advanced level.