Apple’s Facetime has always been the best application to initiate interactive video chats on your iPhone. But while this feature changed the way we interact with people, it never received the same level of attention as other Apple functionalities with annual software updates. However, that scenario is going to change with iOS 17.

This new iOS version is all set to add some classic features to Facetime, thus allowing you to connect with your near and dear ones better than before. It has announced to add new enhancements and features that will surely make Facetime calls more functional than ever.

So, are you ready to dig into iOS 17 Facetime reactions and learn how these will elevate your overall Facetime experience? Keep scrolling the page and cover all aspects about the same.

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The Key Facetime Upgrades with iOS 17

It seems like Apple is on fire this year. From just another underrated video chat option to being the most important iPhone app, Facetime is now getting a monumental makeover with iOS 17, and that will surely be set up to shake up the way we interact virtually.

iOS 17 is focussing on communication and overhauled the phone app. Its latest Facetime updates will now end the most frustrating “User Unavailable” message for good. The new iOS update is all set to introduce new audio and video message functionalities to the Facetime arsenal, thus enabling you to reach your loved ones.

Here’s a quick rundown of the key Facetime upgrades with iOS 17. Scroll through them and unlock the potential of this app.

Reactions Galore

Tired of bland video calls? Get animated with reactions galore in Facetime and make your chat vibrant and interactive. While emotions and reactions in text messages are nothing new, it’s still an innovative concept in video calls. Say goodbye to boring video calls and turn them into intuitive ones. Express your happiness with balloons, surprise with fireworks, and love with hearts.

It also features rain and laser beams to add a dramatic flair. You can simply activate these reasons with simple gestures. Also, some of them are triggered automatically by the users’ physical action, such as thumb up for Like, two thumbs up for Fireworks, etc.

There is no shortage of reactions, and you can express everything you feel when making video calls with your near and dear ones. These 3D augmented reality effects make it seem like the animation is all around you. This, however, requires an iPhone 12 or later. So, make sure you have a dedicated device to get started.

Leave a message

Have you ever tried connecting with your loved ones over Facetime and received a “User Unavailable” message? Well, not anymore, as iOS 17 allows you to leave audio and video messages on Facetime, thus ensuring you’ll be seen one way or another.

That means the next time you pick up your iPhone, you’ll be hailed with whatever video message from your missed caller. So, no more surprises. It’s like sending a video to someone via messages, except that you can now record the video message when the person you are trying to reach doesn’t pick up your Facetime call. So, if you are unable to reach your loved ones, just drop a personal message and leave all burdens.

Facetime on Apple TV

The next appreciated feature that makes Facetime worth using this time is its ability to share your screen with an Apple TV. Yes, you read it right. With iOS 17, you can enjoy video chats on a bigger screen to enjoy a lifelike experience. Apple uses its Continuity Camera functionality to allow users to initiate FaceTime video calls on a larger screen with the help of an Apple TV. 

How to use Facetime Reactions?

Now that you are covered with the basics of Facetime reactions with iOS 17, let’s now explore the step-by-step process to utilize them in real life. Here’s how to use reactions during a Facetime call.

  1. Swipe down from the top-right corner to access the Control Center during the Facetime call.
  2. Go to the top-left corner and tap on Video Effects.
  3. A new tab will appear where you can find an option called Reactions.
  4. Following that, you can express your reaction by making physical gestures, and the other person will be able to see it.


Video calling your friends and family has now become an integral part of our lives, and so does Facetime. The evolution of this app not only propels it further into the digital communication landscape but also adds a new edge of expressiveness with animated 3D reactions. And don’t worry, all these upgrades come with the promise of privacy and data protection.

So, why wait? Upgrade to iOS 17 and use Facetime like never before.