Ready for the new role-playing game? The Elder Scrolls: Castles is a new building management game launched by Bethesda Game Studios in the familiar Elder Scrolls universe. It lets you send out citizens on differelt challenges across the region, equipped with armor and weapons crafted by your castle. The game resonates with the famous Fallout Shelter and oozes similar vibes.

But while the game is officially available for Android smartphones, can iOS users avail of The Elder Scrolls: Castles, or will they have to wait for a while? The guide will take you through all the answers you might be looking for. Keep scrolling the page and get ready to make notes.

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What is The Elder Scrolls: Castles – A Quick Overview

Do you love role-playing games? Want to manage your castle and dynasty? Turn to The Elder Scrolls: Castles and lose yourself to another universe. The game allows you to send your citizens on quests and customize your kingdom.

All in all, it puts you in charge of a castle. The game is set in a beautiful region of Tamriel and hits the same notes as Fallout Shelter. Players can find innumerable of quests and challenges while exploring aspects of the in-game universe. It is a new simulation game with interactive and life-like graphics, thus offering you a real-time experience.

The audio and background of the game are unrivaled, thus teleporting you to an other-worldly universe. The game is all about controlling your castle and dynasty, overseeing your subjects, and growing and getting more rulers.

Can I download The Elder Scrolls: Castles on iOS?

The simple answer is No. While the game is listed on the Google Play store and gives early access to players, it has no imprints on the Apple App Store yet. It simply means you cannot get the game on your Apple iPhones at the moment.

The game is solely launched for Android smartphones, and you can access it on your Android phones and tablets only.

When will The Elder Scrolls: Castles will release for Apple iOS?

Here comes the real query – When will The Elder Scrolls: Castles available on iOS? As of this writing, an official announcement for the iOS version is yet to be revealed. Developers have dropped no hint about the Elder Scrolls for iPhones yet.

It seems like that the game is still be in an approval process and gets stuck into formalities before it debuts on the Apple App Store. Don’t freak out, we are keeping track of its iOS release and will update the information here as soon as we get any details of the same. Till then, you can either try other role-playing games or jump to Android smartphones and book your early access slot.


That’s all for now. The Elder Scrolls: Castles has drawn all eyes and ears since the moment it was announced by the Bethesda Game Studio. It gives you control over a castle and lets you grow new rulers while adding a hint of customization.

We hope our guide has raised curtains over the game and helped you know the desired information about the same. For more such gaming info, bookmark the page and keep visiting us regularly.