It’s been a while since Apple iOS 17 launched, and users are now all set to review this new iteration. iOS 17 is a feature-packed update for Apple iPhones and has garnered lots of popularity among users. However, one should not expect revolutionary changes to his iPhone after upgrading to iOS 17.

While it is packed with tons of delightful features, it is nothing new than previous iterations. So, here the question arises – Is iOS 17 worth it? Should you upgrade to the new iteration? Is it worth the hype? Continue scrolling the page and find out the detailed iOS 17 review here.

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What’s new in iOS 17?

Before we jump into the review, let’s find out what’s the buzz all about. Why iOS 17 has drawn eyes and ears, and what this new update has in store for you?

iOS 17 is packed with many considerable features that offer effective ways to customize your device. Here, we’ll explore the biggest new additions that make iOS 17 worth giving a try.

  • Contact Poster

If you have upgraded to iOS 17, you must be disappointed with that dull, dray calling screen. And the only way you can improve it is by using the contact poster. This new feature lets you customize your contact card so you can tweak the contact photo, font style, and color scheme when calling other people.

  • Standby

One of the coolest features of iOS 17 is the Standby mode. It instantly turns your iPhone into a smart display device when you place it horizontally. The screen displays several useful widgets, clocks, and photos. It also detects light in the room and automatically sets widgets to a soft, red color scheme if it’s dark.

  • Widgets

iOS 17 has added more power to widgets, thus allowing you to interact with apps without launching them. You can play or pause Apple Music from the home screen or save your favorite contacts as a widget.

  • Facetime Reactions

Video calls have become interactive like never before with Facetime Reactions. It lets you express your emotions during a video call, thus offering an engrossing and interactive experience. Users can bring these emojis with their hand gestures and enjoy video calls like a pro.

  • NameDrop

Sharing is caring – with that in mind, Apple iOS 17 allows users to share and receive contact cards within the blink of an eye. Simply tap your iPhone with another iPhone or Apple Watch and initiate a transfer. Easy, isn’t it?

What are the Pros and Cons of iOS 17?

Now that you know about iOS 17 features, let’s round off the major pros and cons of this new update to see if it is worth trying.


  • Excellent and one-of-a-kind features
  • Live voicemail is effective to manage calls
  • Best-in-class Personalization
  • Outstanding message enhancements


  • The standby mode feature requires an always-on display.
  • Battery draining error is quite prevalent with iOS 17
  • Some previous iPhone models have been dropped from the list


It’s time for the final verdict. There’s no denying that iOS 17 features are compelling enough, and the process of downloading the update onto your iPhone is extremely simple, thus motivating users to upgrade their device and make the most of the coolest features.

The only downside we’ve experienced is that tapping some home screen widgets causes the app to crash. Needless to say, iOS 17 was somewhat buggy, but the stable iOS 17 is worth trying. All in all, iOS 17 is one of the major releases, and users should jump into it to enjoy the smoothest experience.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned with us for more such iOS 17 updates.