The highly-anticipated Pokemon Sleep is finally here and has created a rage all over the internet. It was first announced in 2019, and Pokemon fans have been waiting for it since then. Well, as the name suggests, Pokemon Sleep is essentially a sleep-tracking application that rewards you for napping. Sounds strange?

Since the app has recently joined the crowd, people are still confused about the whole concept and have many questions about how to use it. Hence, this article is carefully drafted to address all your queries and doubts. We have reviewed this Pokemon Sleep app thoroughly and compiled all essential aspects of the sleep tracking app, along with the instructions to use it. Let’s begin.

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Pokemon Sleep – Introduction At a Glance

Do you love Pokemon and Sleeping? Well, in that case, we have some good news for you. A new app, Pokemon Sleep, has just been unveiled on Apple App Store and is creating buzz among Pokemon fans across the world. But what does this app actually mean, and what does it exactly do? What’s the purpose of launching the Pokemon Sleep App? If all these questions are bothering you, scroll down the page and find everything you want to know about this application.

Pokemon Sleep app is nothing but a sleep-tracking application that rewards you for taking a nap. While it might seem bizarre at first glance, the concept is pretty interesting and attracts people from far and wide. This app primarily utilizes your iPhone’s accelerometer. In addition, it can also work with the optional Pokemon Go Plus Device to measure your sleep quality and duration.

The better you sleep, the more power your Snorlax will earn, and the more Pokemon will flock to your island in the morning. Isn’t it sound amazing?

You might be surprised to know that you can feed berries to interact with your Snorlax during the day and watch it grow bigger as you get more rest. Simply put, Pokemon Sleep is all about your sleeping experience and motivates you to take enough rest throughout the day and night to attract more Pokemon.

The app is fully compatible with the Pokemon Go Plus Accessory. It is nothing but a tiny, circular device with a button in the center. Pokemon Sleep is launched for both iOS and Android devices, and you can easily download it, irrespective of the OS. It features multiple categories to help achieve players during their downtime, such as snoozing, dozing, and slumbering.

If you are not a fan of keeping your phone around you at night, it’s better to invest in the Pokemon Go Plus accessory, it will then help the app track your sleep. The more you sleep, the bigger your Snorlax will become, and the more Pokemon you get. This accessory is available for 49.99 pounds and lets you earn special bonuses in Pokemon Go.

How to use the Pokemon Sleep App?

Now that you are acquainted with the basics let’s now find out how to use the Pokemon Sleep app and earn more Pokemon. The app assures to make your sleep time productive. It communicates the data to the user’s mobile device via Bluetooth for sleep-related gameplay.

Remember that the app is currently available to download in the Europe region only, and others might have to wait for a bit long to experience the joy of Pokemon Sleep.

Those who can download Pokemon Sleep must know how to use the app appropriately and collect Pokemon during sleep time. Download the app from the Apple App Store and register yourself by adding the asked information.

It has two ways to play, and the best part is that you don’t have to be asleep all the time. While you can earn Pokemon by sleeping during the night, feed Snorlax with berries during the day to increase its strength.

Your progress resets every Monday as you partner with a new Snorlax each week. Collect the Sleep Styles of all Pokemon you’ve collected during the night and befriend them to request their help and collect berries during the afternoon. Easy, isn’t it?


That’s all about the Pokemon Sleep app. We hope our guide has helped you understand the craze of this sleep-tracking Pokemon game. If you are too much into the Pokemon franchise, this game might be the best for you. But you might have to wait for some time, as it is not available to all. Check if the app is available in your region, download and get started.