Apple users must be aware of the challenges they often face when sharing files between different platforms. But what if we told you about the platform that can bridge the gap between operating systems and make sharing a breeze? Yes, you read it right, and we are pointing fingers toward Snapdrop.

It is a free, open-source platform to share files between iOS and other operating systems in a snap. This seamless platform makes sharing hassle-free and serves as the fastest way to get the job done. Continue scrolling the page and find more about Snapdrop and stepwise instructions to use this feature on your iPhone.

What is Snapdrop?

We can all agree that despite massive technological developments, sharing files across different operating systems is still a hassle. While these platforms have their exclusive services, these platforms are still limited to their own ecosystem, creating trouble when users want to share files cross-platform.

Therefore, we have come up with an extremely seamless way to share files, and that’s none other than Snapdrop. It is a browser-based and open-source platform to send files across various devices.

Snapdrop works across Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows. It uses the simple technology of WebRTC and WebSockets to send and receive files. Since Snapdrop is an open-source platform, you don’t have to spend bucks or sign up for transferring files.

Don’t worry about the security, as the platform is encrypted using TLS protocol, thus ensuring that no one can intercept and read the data packets in the common network. The tool can send 20MB of video in just 3 to 4 seconds, making it the least time-consuming method to share files.

However, some users claim that they face difficulty when opening the website. If you are one of them or face any challenge, then simply use Snapdrop as a PWP app. Just click the install button, and it will start working as a standalone app. Pin it to the taskbar for quicker access.

How Does Snapdrop Work on iPhone?

So, you have become acquainted with Snapdrop. Let’s now outline the step-by-step instructions to use this software on your iOS devices. While the process is straightforward, you should stick to the guidelines below to avoid being stuck in the hassle. Scroll down and have a look.

  1. Open the web browser of your choice and launch Snapdrop on both devices involved in the sharing process.
  2. Be mindful that both devices should be connected to the common WiFi, as the software uses a point-to-point connection for data sharing. Once you open the Snapdrop, you can easily discover both devices.
  3. The sender must select the files and the device on which he or she wants to send a file, and it’s done.
  4. The software will then transfer files within a fraction of a second. You will then get a notification to download the file on the receiver’s device. Easy, isn’t it?

Users don’t require any USB cable or any other thing to establish a connection. No physical connection is required to share a file between different platforms. All you need a stable WiFi and a modern browser to get started.


There you have it. Snapdrop is one of the best-ever platforms to share files among different operating systems and devices without physically connecting them. It is a browser-based software that eliminates the need to download an app or sign up for the same. Security is one of the least concerns with Snapdrop as the software is fully encrypted using TLS protocol. It ensures that your data is absolutely safe from unauthorized access.