With iOS 17 on the horizon, everyone is excited to enjoy its latest features, improvements, and capabilities. However, one question that’s continuously lingering in all Apple users’ minds is – Will my device be compatible?

In case you’ve missed it, Apple often drops some old iPhones from the list every time it releases a new iOS update, and iOS 17 is no different. So, will your iPhone support iOS 17, or are you on the edge to drop out? It’s time to clear the confusion and face the reality. Scroll down the page and find out if your device will support the new update. Without wasting time, let’s get into it.

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iOS 17 Release Date

Before we check the list of compatible devices, let’s find out the exact release date and time of this new update. Apple’s special event is set for Tuesday, September 12, so the software will be released around this time.

While the exact date isn’t available yet, predictions are coming out for September 18. Experts are speculating the iOS 17 is likely to be released between September 18 and September 21, around 10:00 a.m. Pacific.

Apple may be waiting until the last minute to decide the exact launch date; hence, users must have to wait for a few more days to download the update.

The List of iOS 17 Compatible Devices

Are your device compatible with iOS 17? If this question is bothering you, this guide might help you get all the answers. Speaking of compatibility, the below-mentioned iPhone models fully support the iOS 17 update. Let’s have a look.

  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone11
  • iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max
  • iPhone 12 and 12 Mini
  • iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max
  • iPhone 13 and 13 Mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 14
  • iPhone 14 Pro

Remember that if your device isn’t listed above, it simply won’t support iOS 17 and you will not get any notification to download the new software. If you are eager to use iOS 17 features, it’s suggested you upgrade your iPhone model right away and enjoy the best-in-class experience of iOS 17.

Can I Find out if My iPhone is Running on iOS 17?

The short answer is Yes. The simplest way to know whether your iPhone is running on iOS 17 or not is to check your iPhone model and compare it with the list mentioned above. You can also move to Settings > General > About to determine if your device supports iOS 17.


iOS 17 has become a buzzword, and users are getting crazy to download this update. Luckily, the wait is soon to be over, as Apple has already released its event date, which is 12 September 2023. However, the exact date on which Apple will drop iOS 17 is still a mystery as the tech giant hasn’t decided about the date and time yet. We will upload the page as soon as we get any information iOS 17 release date. Till then, you can compare your device model with the list above and see if you are eligible to enjoy this upgrade or not.