Have you ever faced the error message – Face ID not working Try Setting Up Later? Wondering what you should do to avoid the error? Believe it or not, you are not alone in facing the trouble and wish to get rid of it at the earliest.

Face ID is often used to unlock your iPhone and iPad, authenticate purchases, and sign in to the app when asked to enter your passcode. However, users often take it for granted unless it starts throwing tantrums and generating the Face ID not available error.

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If you are struggling with the trouble and wondering what should be your next step, then this guide should interest you. Below, we have outlined the reasons for triggering the error and solutions to fix it for good.

Why is Face ID Not Available on iPhone?

Here’s a quick rundown of reasons that create trouble with Face ID on iPhones. Scroll down and check them out.

  • It might be possible that your face is not completely visible to the camera because of the lens angle.
  • Your iOS version doesn’t support the Face ID anymore.
  • You may have locked your iPhone using the Find My App.
  • The user may have mistakenly covered the camera with hand or dust.
  • The error may appear if you haven’t used the password in over six and a half days.

How do we fix the “Face ID not available” error?

There are multiple ways to fix the Face ID not available error. Ahead, we’ve listed a few of them. Scroll down and make notes.

Ensure the appropriate settings of Face ID

It’s important to check your Face ID settings regularly and see if it’s done right. See if Face ID has been configured appropriately. Follow the steps to do so.

  • Launch Settings > Face ID and Passcode
  • Reset the Face ID if you’ve already chosen the Face ID on the device. Otherwise, you should opt for the Set Up Face ID option.
  • Turn on iPhone Unlock, iTunes and App Store, Password Autofill, and other apps to use Face ID appropriately.

Check for Updates

Face ID sometimes stops working if your iOS version is outdated. Hence, check for updates and install them if available. Users must use the latest version of iOS and iPad and make sure that their device supports Face ID.

Clean the TrueDepth Camera

You must ensure that nothing is covering the TrueDepth Camera Sensor. The lens becomes dirty or greasy, leading to the Face ID not available error. Hence, use a soft, dry cloth to wipe the sensor array at the top so nothing obscures its view, and you can easily use the Face ID.

Never cover your face when using the Face ID.

Avoid blocking your face when using the Face ID. Otherwise, you will face the error. The TrueDepth camera requires a clear view of your eyes, nose, and mouth. Hence, do not obscure the area with clothing or a veil. If you’ve set up the ID with a mask or a cloth, ensure your eyes are not blocked.

Restart your iPhone

If nothing works, try restarting your iPhone or iPad, and see if this hack resolves the trouble. A restart is the basic solution to get rid of most errors. It simply eliminates the minor technical glitch, thus allowing your device to operate normally.

Turn off your device and wait for a couple of seconds. Turn it back on and try using the Face ID again.


Face ID has vanished the need for passwords and patterns when unlocking the iPhone. But what if the Face ID itself stops working? Thankfully, the error is temporary, and you can easily resolve it using the solutions mentioned above.

So, why wait? Consider using all the above-mentioned solutions stepwise and root out the trouble for good.