Football Manager 2024 Touch brings the world’s greatest soccer management simulation to iPhone and iPad. With new features and gameplay upgrades, you can now experience the thrill of managing an elite soccer club on your mobile device. Here’s how to use Football Manager 2024 Touch by Apple Arcade on iPhone and iPad.

Play Football Manager 2024 Touch

Download from Apple Arcade

Football Manager 2024 Touch is available exclusively on Apple Arcade. To play, you’ll need an active Apple Arcade subscription.

  1. Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap the “Arcade” tab at the bottom.
  3. Search for “Football Manager 2024 Touch” or scroll to find it in the Arcade catalog.
  4. Tap “Get” to download the game.

Once downloaded, Football Manager 2024 Touch will appear on your device’s home screen like any other app.

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Tutorial and Setup

When you first launch Football Manager 2024 Touch, you’ll be taken through an interactive tutorial. Pay close attention, as this teaches the basics of soccer management.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate the menus and screens
  • Manage your squad, including transfers and contracts
  • Set up tactics and formations
  • Make decisions during matchdays

After the tutorial, you can choose to start a new career or load a saved game from Football Manager 2023 Touch.

When starting a new career, you’ll select:

  • The club you wish to manage
  • Your manager profile, name, and appearance
  • Initial setup options like transfer budgets

Once you finalize these choices, you’re ready to step into the manager’s office!

Manage Your Soccer Club

As the manager, it’s up to you to lead your club to glory. Here are the main responsibilities:

Build Your Squad

  • Scout players to identify transfer targets
  • Negotiate contracts and transfer fees
  • Manage player morale, development, and training

You’ll need to find the right balance of positions, personalities, veterans, and prospects to construct a championship-caliber squad.

Develop Tactics and Strategy

  • Choose your formation and tactical style
  • Set player roles like wingback or trequartista
  • Establish mentality and team shape

Adapt your tactics to counter opponents and get the best out of your players. No two matchdays are alike in Football Manager.

Make Key Decisions

  • Pick your starting eleven and substitutes
  • Make tactical tweaks during matchdays
  • Motivate players through team talks
  • Decide when to rotate your squad

Judge each situation carefully to maximize performance and keep players fit and focused.

Manage Finances and Facilities

  • Make transfer and wage budget requests
  • Upgrade your stadium, training, and youth facilities
  • Manage club culture and expectations

Balancing the books while improving facilities is critical for growth.

Key Features in Football Manager 2024 Touch

Football Manager 2024 Touch introduces new features and refinements that take soccer management to new heights on iPhone and iPad.

Refined Match Engine

The acclaimed 3D match engine has been improved with enhanced ball physics, player movement, and realistic lighting. Matches now feel more immersive and true-to-life.

Set Piece Creator

Design intricate corner and free kick routines using the new Set Piece Creator. Specialist coaches will help craft devastating plays to unlock goals from dead ball situations.

Manager Principles

Define your core managerial principles like “Teamwork” or “Discipline” to shape your club’s culture and playing identity. Principles influence everything from training to squad cohesion.

Optimized UI for iPhone

Enjoy a tailored UI designed specifically for iPhone. Sharper navigation and menu optimizations create the most accessible Football Manager experience ever on mobile.

Transfer and Contract Improvements

New transfer options allow you to shift unwanted players more easily. Player interactions have also been enriched to better motivate your squad.

Continued Career Progression

Import saved games from Football Manager 2023 Touch and continue your progress in FM 2024 Touch. Unlock achievements and milestones across multiple seasons.

Enjoy Your Football Management Journey

Football Manager 2024 Touch brings the drama and excitement of real soccer management to iPhone and iPad. Whether you’re new to the series or a seasoned veteran, the game offers something for managers of every skill level.

Build your dream club, craft tactical masterclasses, and make the decisions that define legacies as you pursue glory on the pitch. Just remember – Rome wasn’t built in a day. Be patient, learn from mistakes, and let the passion of football management take over.